I am very happy that you decided to commissiom me with a personal prophetic painting.
To avoid complications as much as possible both parties agree to the following points:

  1. Essence of the prophetic
    As I do not know how much every client is familiar with the prophetic I want to clarify some things in advance.
    I believe that Jesus is very real and that He loves to speak to His children. Many times this happens in symbolic pictures and words that we receive within in our thoughts. God uses our personality in this. That means what I receive is shaped from the essence of my being. We never hear 100% pure and crystal clear from God. What is received must be checked. It has to be weighed up, interpreted and applied to. Mistakes are possible in every of these stages. 
    I am walking almost 30 years in this gift and it has been confirmed multiple times that I have a prophetic gift. But there is no guarantee that what I receive comes from Jesus and is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Sometimes I have to pray only shortly and I directly receive an impression. But sometimes I haven’t received anything after weeks of prayer. But I always received something at last.
    I will make a creative painting from what I receive in prayer. I am faithful in what I receive and adapt it to the painting with the best of my knowledge and belief. I have no influence if the recipient likes my picture or can relate to what I have received.

    Pictures often have a symbolic meaning that may not be immediately obvious. Sometimes it is necessary for the recipient to pray for himself over the impression to find out what the meaning for his life might be. Maybe some time has to pass until the painting will speak into the own life. It is the responsibilty of the recipient to discern the impression and of course he is free to decide if he accepts it or not.

  2. Payment
    Commissions are paid in advance. The fee is the same whether the recipient likes the painting or can relate to the impression or not (I guarantee for sure that I have been sufficient in prayer to receive the impression from the Holy Spirit and to create a suitable painting for the impression).

    The fee primarly is for my working time, the used materials and all my costs. When a painting will be finished depends on how long I will have to pray for an impression and when I will find time to work on the painting (I have a part time job and other duties).

    If there are more commissions I usually create the painting in the order of the commissions/ payments. Exceptions only in agreement with the other clients and at the discretion of the artist.

  3. Copyright and right to use
    The copyright remains with the artist (Jocky – Johannes Spörl), the recipient/ the client has the right to us for the picture in the personal, private and non commercial area. I will post the image anonymousmly on my blog together with the interpretation. This article I will post on different social media channels. I will post images and videos of the development of the painting on social media. The artist has the right to reproduce the painting on other media like art prints, postcards and others and to sell it.

    If the client does not agree with the posting and reproducing there will be an additional fee of 50, – € (the publishing on my blog and social media is a form of advertising for me and my art, the reproducing on other media is another source of income for me, that would fall away with this).

  4. Process of the commission
    – the client contacts me and tells me how many prophetic paintings he wants me to create and gives me the name of the recipients (no more info is needed).
    – the client receives his bill from me and the information how to pay.
    – after I have fully received the payment (installment payments are possible) I begin to pray for the recipient and the pictures.
    – As soon I have received the impression I create the painting with artists‘ watercolour pencils on a special drawing paper in DinA4 (21 x 29,7 cm). Other techniques and formats in consultation with me.
    I will post pictures and videos of the developing process on social media.
    – after the painting is finished the client gets a scan of the painting together with an E-Mail with the impression and my interpretation of it. After that I ship the original art in a cardboard envelope to the desired address (an insured shipping is possible, we have to talk about special arrangements for international shipping).
    – I post the picture and the interpretation anonymously on my blog. It would be great if I could do it together with a feedback of the client/ the recipient. This article I share on different facebook groups in German and in English. I will post the image on my instagram account.
    – I do videos about the paintings that have touched people in a special way and tell the testimonies.
  5. Withdrawl
    As long as the client hasn’t received a bill and the fee is not paid yet, both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons.

    If the bill already is paid there will be a fee a processing fee of 10,- € (for international orders there may be a also a bank fee for the transfer back).

    When the artist already has begun with the commission a withdraw is only possible in consultation with the artist (a transfer back will be proportionally depending on how much work has already been invested on the artwork).

  6. The terms of service are part of the commission
    When the order is placed the client agrees with the terms of use.