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Fire Fly: Lost// Live in Warschau 2006

Ein Lied, das mich sehr tief berührt hat, als ich es zum ersten Mal live in Italien auf dem Rock on the Rock festival gehört habe. Es berührt mich auf einer Ebene, die ich gar nicht in Worte fassen kann. Vor allem dieses Kinderlachen am Schluß! Schade, dass der Backgroundgesang komisch rüberkommt. Die können das besser!

Can I see you, if only for a while?
If only just to see you pass me by.
Can I hear you, if I walk the extra mile?
If I walk until the sunlight burns my eyes.

How did we lose our way?
How we forget the price you paid.
Can you reach me, am I so far away?
Too far to see that I am lost again.
Can you hear me, calling out your name?
Calling out for you to hide my shame.

How did we lose our way?
How we forget the price you paid.
Naked you covered me.
Broken you healed me.
Dying you saved me.
Hope you gave me.
Fallen you carried me.
Wounded restored me.
All alone you searched for me.
Grace and mercy falls like the rain.
Morning tide, come again.

Hold me through the storm – my sanctuary.
I am blind – make me see.
Hallowed the name
Name above all
Name of the one
A crown to befall
Hallowed the scars Of infinite worth
Purging from us
The darkness of earth
Hallowed the place
Place where you died
Where water and blood
Fell like tears from your side
Hallowed the face
Upon which I gaze
Shining of fire
The Ancient of days

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